Tiswell three fold Glory Anointing Oil comes in a 50 ml elegant golden gourd bottles filled with rich assortments of romance essences aromatically blended with floral fragrances such as the Red rose and Amber romance. Adding the third personality to your union is prudent, for a three fold cord cannot easily be broken. Dab the Three Fold Oil on prayerfully for a divine involvement in your marriage.

Three Fold (Marriage) Oil

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  • Rolled on with your personal prayer, the Three fold Anointing Oil provides a beautiful aroma that radiates the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. The peace of God is necessary for the success, longevity and enjoyment of every holy marriage.

    The Three Fold Oil is prayerfully merged with a cocktail of well sented fragrances sucha as the Red rose, amber romanse. It derives its name from the scriptures in Eccl. 4:12b “and a threefold cord is not quickly broken”. When God is the third cord in a holy matrimony, that union is bound to endure all manner of challenges.

    Both spouses can use as often as they desire with prayer and praise for unity and peace.