Tiswell Glory Anointing Oil is the flagship product of our company based on biblical truth that 'the anointing breaks every yoke'.  


Tiswell Glory Anointing Oils derives its name from our personal testimonies of divine touch from the use of the Anointing Oil as directed by the bible.


Tiswell comes from the scripture, ' Tell the righteous it is well (Isaiah 3:10).


Glory - We acknowledge the presence, that is the GLORY of the Lord God Almighty Anointing - the power of God to deliver.


Tiswell Glory Anointing Oils is a blend of Pure 100% extra virgin olive oil and a combination of rich natural fragrances with biblical proprieties.


Our Anointing Oil is divinely blended and stands out, and distinguished by the power of prayer.


Tiswell Glory Anointing Oils are not souvenirs from a foreign nation, but glorified bottled oils expected to increase the faith of its users who look more to the power of God and biblical ingredients. 

It is our desire that all our buyers will use Tiswell Anointing Oil with faith as they prayerfully bring their needs before the Lord. 


Thus, we request that users will keep Ecclesiastes 9:8 in view, which says,".... and always anoint your head with oil.". 


Look out for our quality Anointing oils as we produce more varieties. We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of dynamic olive oil blends that we produce with the divine emancipation of the users in mind.